SEK/IES Schools

premiosApp2020engSEK / IES International Education System is one of the few international organizacion in the world to offer a structured programme of studies from Early Childhood Education (pre-school) though to University level studies.

The SEK / IES schools are officially recognized by the relevant national education autorities and all qualifications offered have both national and international recognition. Therefore, all awards made by the SEK / IES schools are also fully recognized both nationally and internationally; whether these be in the pre-school, primary or high school levels.

SEK / IES schools are members of The International Association, offer, where appropriate, qualifications awarded by Cambridge International Examinations and International Baccalaureate, and locally are member of major school associations such as the Florida Council of Independent Schools, the Southern Associations of Colleges ans Schools (USA), the Independent Schools Association (UK), the Independent Association of Prep Schools (UK), International School of Trieste and the Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa.

SEK owns and operates a growing number of schools thoughout Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Paraguay. IES brand is integrated in the schools within: United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, South Africa and Panama.

Its aim is to provide high-quality education, adapted to the needs of individual children, from an international perpective. We appreciate the trust that parents place in us by choosing us as the best option for the challenge of educating theis children. They are the key players in the educational process and it is to them that we dedicate our expertise and efforts.

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